Augmented Citizen – Mobile Augmented Reality Summit @ MWC2010

Augmented Citizen – a concept for the time to come

The times are changing – and the semantics of our expressions too.

When I brought the concept of the “Augmented Citizen” into being it was rather narrow, thanks to the context of Government 2.0 Camp in August 2009 (see Then in December I realized the full potential and future usage patterns of (Social) Mobile Augmented Reality at the AR meeting in Rotterdam (NL). In the keynote I even encouraged the folks to think beyond the interaction concepts and sensory channels of today, when thinking about augmentation. E.g. we can have augmentation and overlays of other perceptive fields than the visual – and with al kinds of immersion in a social-networked surroundings (for Rotterdam AR meeting see blogpost: Augmented Citizen – next: augmented reality ecosystem).

Later mobile business visionary and social technology architect Dan Romescu and I had some fruitful dialogues concerning the evolution scnarios of mobile AR. Actually he seriously caught fire and went to Mobile World Congress as an “Augmented Citizen Advocate”, blogging at So I am proud to present our slides from the Mobile AR Summit at MWC.

Are you a skeptic and have read up to here? Then remind that Juniper talks about a market size  of  USD 732 million for 2014. Or just think about slide 8:

Q: Isn‘t AR just a new mode how to display information?

A: Yes, but this in fact means to change the
mode of interaction with the world,
your physical and social reality.

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