Augmented Citizen – next: augmented reality ecosystem

There was an inspiring AR congress in Rotterdam, NL, on 4th of Dec and I had the honor to be in the hosting team with Claire Boonstra (from famous LAYAR) Christina Rittchen (Mobilizy – the guys from Austria, who created Wikitude), Truus Dokter of ItFits, Jan Misker (project manager for V2_ AR), Artm Baguinski, Carl William Kerchmar, Kwela Sabine Hermanns. See links for more here:

Get some impressions of presentations and the creativity of the breakout sessions here:
Update 2009-12-21
  • Find developer camps for Augmented Reality next to you:
  • changed word: gathering

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3 responses to “Augmented Citizen – next: augmented reality ecosystem”

  1. futurefacts says :

    Anthony, I like the four building blocks and the graphics. It is a kind of superconvergence of
    # mobile/local,
    # social,
    # sensors,
    # stream/realtime,
    # create/share … and a
    # bit of intelligence in microformats and algorithms (semantic is not dead).
    It is great to be witness of the tech evolution supernova of the next years. Hope we can fix the planet too :)

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